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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Another Saturday Night

It's really Sunday morning since the time is now 12:36 am. Feels like it's still Saturday to me. Anyways, I just returned from my nightly walk with my dog, Butch, and now I am on the computer. I read about this blog creating web site in one of the e-mails from Kim Komando. And I thought I'd give it a try! Also, I figured it would be a good place to post pictures, once I start taking them with my new camera! I really don't know what I am going to write about now. I'm just typing away anything that comes to mind. Oh, I know. Get this! I was walking the dog down the back alley tonight, about 10:30 PM. I see this image of a person and a small dog running amok up the alley from where Butch and I were (Butch is my dog's name.) Suddenly, I hear a male voice, "Is he on a leash?" I answer, "yes." Then, the male voice again, "He's not pooping on my hill, is he?" I answer, "No, he's eating YOUR grass!" "Oh," he return-answers. I get annoyed and pull Butch hard to get him off the hill while I loudly proclaim, "It's just an alley!" Anyways, he had his dog loose and was walking him. How did he think he was going to control where his dog was gonna poop??? And, I suppose he thinks the leash law only applies to Big Dogs not Little Dogs! How aggravating some people are and self-centered! Oh well, I mustn't let him take up too much space in my head! I feel better just to get it in writing.

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